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The official rules have been revised as of 11 October 2013 to reflect an extension of the nomination period to 31 January 2014. To download the updated competition rules, please click here.

SEAD Global Efficiency Medal Competition for Electric Motors is featured in New York City's Times Square

The third SEAD Global Efficiency Medals competition will recognize and award highly-efficient electric motors. This winner-takes-all competition will advance efficiency improvements in motors by:

  • Recognizing products with the best energy efficiency
  • Guiding early adopter consumers who want to purchase the most energy-efficient models
  • Demonstrating the levels of efficiency that are achievable with commercially available and emerging technologies

SEAD is now accepting product nominations through 31 January 2014. Applicants were invited to nominate products for consideration in any region, regardless of the location of the manufacturer, provided that the nominated product is sold in the region (e.g., a product manufactured in China and sold globally may be nominated in any of the four regions).

Chad Gallinat, U.S. Department of Energy, presenting the Global Efficiency Medal Competition for Electric Motors in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the 8th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor-Driven Systems (EEMODS)

Motor Global Efficiency Medal at EEMODS

Documents available for download:

Regions and Categories

SEAD Motors Competition - International Awards
SEAD Motors Competition - Regional Awards

SEAD Global Efficiency Medals will be awarded to motors that demonstrate the greatest energy efficiency in each of four regions – Australia, Europe, India, and North America.  An overall international winner will also be named for the most efficient induction motor and for the most energy efficient motor using new technology.

By recognizing both induction and new technologies motors, the competition will accelerate efficiency gains in existing technologies in the market and introduce new technologies into the market. 


SEAD Motor Awards - Competition Timeline

The product nomination period is now open through 31 January 2014. Winners will be announced 7 October 2014 and will be honored at an international awards ceremony in early 2015.


According to the International Energy Agency, electric motors account for over 40 percent of world electricity consumption. They are by far the largest consumers of end-use electricity and are responsible for more than 6,000 megatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually - equivalent to the yearly emissions of more than 1 billion cars. 

By recognizing and promoting the world’s most energy-efficient electric motors, the SEAD competition will help buyers make informed purchasing decisions that can lower energy bills and spur greater innovation among manufacturers.


The following SEAD member countries and governments are leading the effort to develop and implement the awards competitions.

Participating SEAD Countries

Government Agencies


Department of Industry


Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN)


Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)


Swedish Energy Agency (SEA)

United Kingdom

Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC)

United States

Department of Energy (DOE)

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