The website of the Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative

The SEAD Procurement Working Group, in partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy,  is developing a series of procurement tools for product categories of particular interest to SEAD member countries.


SEAD Street Lighting Tool

SEAD's first product tool focuses on advanced municipal street lighting. Street lighting is typically one of the largest sources of energy consumption under a municipality's direct control. A rapidly changing product market, including the introduction of light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures and other advanced technologies, allow for significant energy savings, but also make proper lighting design and careful evaluation of fixture choices all the more important. The SEAD procurement tool will provide a quick, easy way for government procurement officials and lighting specifiers to evaluate the light quality, energy consumption, and life cycle cost of their street lighting alternatives.

Access: SEAD Street Lighting Evaluation Tool

SEAD Interior Lighting Tool

To assist procurement officials and building managers in making energy efficient lighting upgrades, SEAD has developed an Interior Lighting Tool to provide quick and simple comparisons of current inventory to standard fixture upgrades.

Access: SEAD Interior Lighting Tool

Computers and Monitors

For government and private businesses alike, improving the energy performance of computers can yield significant energy savings. SEAD provides a guide to computer purchasers look for ways to select computers with better energy performance.

Access: Guide to purchasing energy efficient computers and monitors