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The SEAD Initiative's primary objective is to advance global market transformation for energy efficient equipment and appliances as a voluntary international government collaboration. SEAD procurement activities support this goal by leveraging the purchasing power of public- and private-sector buyers to signal demand for highly efficient equipment and appliances into the market. These efforts are focused on developing effective policy instruments and advancing energy-efficient procurement practices.

SEAD procurement activities are expected to lead to significant reductions in energy consumption and government expenditures. Worldwide, government procurement accounts for between 10 and 15 percent of national GDP, and a large fraction of these purchases - totaling trillions of dollars annually in SEAD member countries - is for energy-consuming products. Effective procurement policies can help governments save considerable amounts of money while also reducing energy consumption. Private sector companies also purchase large numbers of energy-consuming devices and can also benefit from procurement policies that minimize life-cycle energy costs.

The SEAD Procurement Working Group is engaged in a variety of activities to provide the research and tools needed by policymakers to develop and implement procurement programs that will reduce energy demand and CO2 emissions. These activities include accelerating the procurement of energy efficient street lights, sharing best practices for energy efficient procurement, improving the monitoring and evaluation of green public procurement programs, and cataloging energy purchasing requirements.

SEAD Street Lighting Activities

Street lighting is typically one of the largest sources of energy consumption under a municipality's direct control. A rapidly changing product market, including the introduction of light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures and other advanced technologies, allow for significant energy savings, but also make proper lighting design and careful evaluation of fixture choices all the more important. The SEAD Street Lighting Tool provides quick, easy way for government procurement officials and lighting specialists to evaluate the light quality, energy consumption, and life cycle cost of efficient street lighting options.  

Learn more about the SEAD Street Lighting Evaluation Tool

Procurement Best Practices

The SEAD Procurement Working Group has prepared a best practices guide for government procurement of energy-efficient products and services. The primary goal of the guide is to identify challenges in public procurement programs and present steps to overcome these challenges, backed by case studies and examples from public procurement practices of select countries. The guide provides procurement officials with a range of potential solutions for implementing effective program structures.

Download the Procurement Best Practices Guide

Procurement Monitoring and Evaluation

SEAD identified the need for resources to help policymakers design and improve monitoring and evaluation systems for energy efficient and green public procurement programs. The goal of these programs is to achieve measurable energy savings and CO2 reductions by incorporating environmental externalities and life-cycle cost criteria into procurement specifications. 

The SEAD Procurement Monitoring and Evaluation Guide will provide an overview of current practices, highlight international examples including in-depth case studies of monitoring and evaluation practices in Chile, France, the UK, and the US, and makes recommendations to improve the effectiveness of procurement monitoring and evaluation practices.

Procurement Energy Requirements Catalog

SEAD has cataloged energy efficient product procurement specifications for 54 unique products from SEAD participating government and other countries with specifications, such as Canada, Denmark, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, and the United States. The long-term goal of this effort is to conduct a gap and stringency analysis for each country and explore the possibility of filling identified gaps with specifications from other countries. 

SEAD Interior Lighting Tool

Worldwide, lighting represents approximately 19 percent of global electricity production. Within the public sector, lighting often accounts for an even greater proportion of total energy use. For example, lighting 9,600 federally-owned and operated buildings makes up 21 percent of the total energy use in the United States. To assist procurement officials and building managers in making energy efficient lighting upgrades, the SEAD Interior Lighting Tool provides quick and simple comparisons of current inventory to standard fixture upgrades.

Learn more about the SEAD Interior Lighting Tool

Computers and Monitors

After lighting and space conditioning, computers are one of the largest power consuming devices in the modern office. For government and private businesses alike, improving the energy performance of computers can yield significant energy savings. SEAD provides a guide to purchasers looking for ways to select computers and monitors with better energy performance.

Learn more about purchasing efficient computers and monitors 


Canada, India, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States are leading SEAD's procurement efforts.

Download the SEAD Procurement brochure here

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