Television Awards (2012)

In 2012, the first SEAD Global Efficiency Medal competition recognized the world’s most energy-efficient flat-panel televisions from Samsung and LG.

Awards winning products from the European region were recognized at an awards ceremony at the IFA Fair in Berlin, Germany in September 2012. International winners were recognized at the Clean Energy Ministerial in April 2013.

Competition at a Glance

The SEAD Initiative works with manufacturers, retailers, and policymakers to showcase feature-rich, energy-efficient products that provide top-quality services while reducing energy costs. The Global Efficiency Medal competitions demonstrate the levels of efficiency that are possible today, and shine a spotlight on innovative new technologies that can further push the boundaries of efficiency and slash energy consumption.

Televisions account for 3%-4% of global residential electricity consumption. If all TVs sold were as efficient as the SEAD award-winning TVs, electricity savings globally would be more than 84 billion kilowatt hours annually by 2020. SEAD global award-winning products were 33-44% more efficient than TVs with similar technology.

SEAD completed an analysis of the outcomes and accomplishments of the Global Efficiency Medal competition for televisions, evaluating the efficiency of winning products, manufacturers' efforts to improve efficiency, energy savings potential and cost effectiveness of winning products, and test lab capacity building. For more information, view the report here.

Regional & International Winners

SEAD identified the most efficient flat-panel TVs in three different size categories and four geographical regions, with one product awarded for most efficient emerging technology globally.

International Winners

SEAD Global Efficiency Medals were awarded to the following products, recognizing them as the most energy efficient, commercially available TVs globally:

Samsung UN26EH4000F Small size category (less than 29 inches)
Samsung UE40EH5000W Samsung UN40EH5000F Medium size category (29 to less than 42 inches)
LG 47LM670S Large size category (42 inches and above)

International Emerging Technology Winner

The SEAD Global Efficiency Medal in the Emerging Technology category has been awarded to an LG-produced 47-inch LED backlist LCD prototype television. This television is 59% more efficient than commercially available TVs with comparable technology. This award-winning TV is expected to become commercially available worldwide within two years of this competition's close.

Regional Winners

SEAD Global Efficiency Medals are awarded to the following products, recognizing them as the most energy efficient, commercially available TVs in the following regions:

Size Category
India North America
Small (less than 29 inches)
Samsung UA26EH4000M Samsung UE26EH4000W Samsung UA26EH4000R Samsung UN26EH4000F
Medium (29 to less than 42 inches)
Samsung UA40EH5306M Samsung UE40EH5000W Samsung UA40EH5330R Samsung UN40EH5000F
Large (42 inches and above)
LG 47LM6700 LG 47LM670S LG 47LM6700 LG 47LM6700