Connected Efficiency Award

Since 2012, SEAD's Global Efficiency Medal has spotlighted innovative new technologies that can push the boundaries of efficiency and reduce energy consumption, with competitions for televisions, computer displays, electric motors, and lighting products. SEAD has leveraged this experience to organize the 2017 Connected Efficiency Award, in collaboration with the Connected Devices Alliance (CDA) and the IEA 4E’s Electronic Devices and Networks Annex (EDNA).

The SEAD Connected Efficiency Award will recognize energy efficient communications protocols and their authors. The nomination period closed on 08 September 2017. Final results to be announced by the end of October. 

To find more details about the Award, including eligibility and criteria, please download the Official Rules and Factsheet below. Please contact the Award Administrator with any questions. 

Competition at a Glance

Today, network-connected electronic devices reach all corners of the world and require near-constant electrical energy to remain connected. Communications between connected devices rely on communications protocols, and these have a significant influence on energy use. The deployment of energy efficient protocols, or in some cases the optional energy efficient aspects within protocol suites, can considerably reduce the energy used for device connectivity.

The Connected Efficiency Award will recognize energy efficient communications protocols and their authors to identify energy efficient protocols in the market, increase their use in mains-powered connected devices, and spur innovation among protocols developers.

Communications protocols (or parts/options within) eligible for the Award are those that are suitable for broad uptake within mains-powered equipment and appliances in the residential and/or commercial building sectors.

To be considered for an Award, applicants must submit a completed application form and supporting documentation via the online system accessible during the nomination period.  

Benefits to Applicants

Award recipients will receive the following benefits:

  • Being part of an innovative program that recognizes leading energy efficiency practices in communications protocols
  • Use of the Award to differentiate protocols amongst a vast number of available protocols
  • Promotion by SEAD and its global partner network, achieving significant exposure to industry stakeholders and policymakers


The nomination period was open from 24 July to 08 September 2017. Winners are expected to be announced in late October 2017.